Thank you for taking the first step to working with us. Having worked in the academia, we know how challenging and dificult it can be to organize a conference. Registration, abstract submission, reminders, Zoom invitations, certificate distribution! That is a lot of work even with a proper team.

Our platform takes care of these aspects so you can focus more on the people part of the event.

We have offer solutions that are tailor made for small webinars and workshops to large conferences.


What we can do for you?

Features Webinars Workshops Conference
Enroll participants
Customized emails with agenda and iCal file
Automated reminders
Distribute meeting related content
Certificate distribution
Abstract submission
Abstract reviewing
Manage event sessions
Manage the contributions of the event
Assign roles to participants (Oral/Poster presentation)
Collect payments
Publish abstract in a special issue (with or without DOI)

Further customized services are available upon request

Our Clients

We have worked with the following clients and helped them organize their events.

BIT Mesra AMR 2022 GJC2022
BIT Mesra AMR 2022 BIT Pharmacy Alumni Society


To contact us and learn more about the services as well as pricing, please fill out the short form below. Our team will instantly reach out to you and offer a tailored solution.

We do not have pricing on this page for a reason because we want to be transparent and open to all and save as much for our clients as possible. This also helps us optimize costs from the technical side and help us to grow our business.

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About us

ThinkXChange Events was started with an aim to help academic institutes and colleges organize their webinars and conferences seamlessly without having to pay hefty prices often such activities. We leverage the power of ope source and best in class cloud computing tools to deliveran experience on par with any other provider.